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Episode Summaries

Three everyday kids go to this Ninja School, but then a new evil comes named Lothor. He takes everything and everyone from the Ninja School except 5 people- Tori, Dustin, Shane, Sensei, and Cam, the Sensei's son. When Lothor strikes again, Sensei and Cam were forced to give Tori, Dustin and Shane the Wind Morphers, making them the all powerful- Power Rangers Ninja Storm
MY RATING- 6.8/10.0

Shane learns that you allows need your friends when he makes everyone hate him. Then, he ventures out on his own and tries to defeat Lothor's latest monster, Bad Magnet. But, when Shane's about the get destroyed, Dustin and Tori come through and save his butt. When they destroy Bad Magnet, they have to bring out a new toy, the Storm Megazord! They also introduce the Serpent Sword in this episode.
RATING: 7.8/10.0

Tori is cloned by Marah and Kapri and sent into a camera! And there's another Tori running around, making Tori look bad. In the end, Tori gets out of the camera by blasting water out of the bottom of the camera and she flies out, destroys the evil Tori, and defeats the new monster, Copybot. And, if I'm not wrong, I think this is the first apperance of the Storm Megazord, Lightning Mode.
RATING: 9.1/10.0

Dustin meets these two new kids at the motocross track named, Blake and Hunter. They get their Tsunami Cycles and Cam gives Dustin a disk which he pus in his backpack. Then, Dustin starts to lose his ability to be anywhere at the right time and making bad judgement. Tori and Shane get mad at him, but they also have to face Lothor's new monster, Terramole. Dustin then has to run to the rescue, but he leaves his backpack at the racetrack, which Blake and Hunter find. Dustin then comes and they destroy him. Then, when he grows big, they bring out the Storm Megazord! But, when he gets too tough, they use the Ram Hammer! This is also the first appearence of the Tsunami Cycles.
RATING: 5.6/10.0

Dustin searches for his missing packback, but Blake and Hunter give the disk to Lothor, who is very happy to see the disk. From the disk, he makes Tsunami Cycles for the Thnuder Rangers. They attack the rangers with their new Tsunami Cycles, and hurt them bad.
RATING: 7.4/10.0

Lothor sends out another monster named Amphibidor, which i just basically an over sized frog. It attacks at the beach and his little creatures suck up all the water. He then attacks Tori, who can't transform because her Wind Morpher is still in the repair shop with Cam. She is then saved by Blake who gets attacked by Amphibidor's little creatures. Tori brings him back to Ninja Ops. and Cam saves him, but Blake is actually awake and sees where Ninja Ops. is!! Hunter is very grateful for Tori saving Blake. Then, when Amphibidor attack, the Thunder Rangers, instead of the Wind Rangers, destroy Amphibidor. The Wind Rangers are amazed and then go back to Ninja Ops. to find the Thunder Rangers holding Cam. They then reveal they're true idenities of Blake and Hunter and then leave. Cam then finds out that they took his father, Sensei.
RATING: 8.4/10.0

The Wind Rangers find out that Sensei put an energy sheild around himself. The Thunder Rangers are going to get the Gem of Souls to break the sheild, because that's the only thing that will. But they run into a bunch of dead warriors. The Wind Rangers arrive and they temporalitly team up and defeat them. The Thunder Rangers then get to the Cavern of Souls, where the Thunder Heroes' foster parents are, telling them that Lothor is the one who set them up. Lothor then arrives and they battle him, and he disappears. The Thunder Rangers then leave town.
RATING: 8.1/10.0

When the Wind Rangers are shooting a video, kelzaks attack and they fight them and Lothor's newest monster named Florabundacus, who is just a giant flower. She gets away though. They then bring seeds to Cam, who brings the seeds to Dr. Bellwrap, without his father's permission. He then finds out that he needs to go a certain spring, where he is attacked by kelzaks. The Wind Rangers see Cam leave the botanist's place and Shane follows him. Tori and Dustin go into the place and get captured by Marah and Kapri. Shane and Cam then defeat the kelzaks. Tori and Dustin then escapes and go to the basement where they find Florabundacus, and are attacked. Shane then comes and they destroy Florabundacus. Sensei then discusses Ninja Training with Cam!!
RATING: 8.9/10.0  

Choobo tricks the Thunder Rangers by saying that he has left Lothor's side and now is good. They then believe him and Blake surprises Tori by chasing her on his motorcycle. She is so happy to see him, but when Blake and Hunter go into Lothor's spaceship, they are attacked and brainwashed to see the Wind Rangers as their enemies. They then fight the Thunder Rangers, being surprised that they're acting like their little adventure in the Cavern of Souls never happened! Lothor's newest monster, Toxipod, attacks them. Then, when Toxipod grows, they all get sent to an island, abandoned.
RATING: 9.1/10.0

Because of the island, which is sinking into the water, it's gripping Blue Bay Harbor in an enormous cold front! Cam and Sensei are freezing and Ninja Ops. and they find the Wind and Thunder Rangers. The Wind and Thunder Rangers then find each other and get into a fiery battle. Then, Supertoxipod, Toxipod's new version, attacks on the island.
RATING: 9.5/10.0

Hunter, who is now under a spell from a gas on Portico Island, fights Blake because Choobo tells him that Blake betrayed him and ratted him out to the Wind Rangers, because Blake is now good and the brainwashing has worn off. While Hunter and Blake struggle with each other, the Wind Rangers fight Supertoxipod.
RATING: 8.7/10.0

Lothor gets mad at Choobo for his plan failing and banishes him from his evil gang. Blake then convinces Hunter to become good and the Thunder and Wind Rangers stand proud. Choobo then steals a Scroll of Empowerment from Lothor's ship and then grows to get his revenge on the Thunder Rangers because he believes that it is their fault that he has failed.
RATING: 6.4/10.0

Hunter and Shane get competive with each other to be the best ranger. They then enter a sports competition sponsored by Storm Chargers. While they're on a jog, they run into Lothor's newest monster, Bopp-a-roo. They end up fighting him. Through all of this, Marah and Kapri are getting into shape with the help of Bopp-a-roo. They then fight the Wind and Thunder Rangers with Zurgane and the Bopp-a-roo. They then form the Storm Cannon, a combination of the Storm Striker and the Thunder Cannon, which they use to destroy the Bopp-a-roo.
RATING: 6.3/10.0

After making plans with Shane and Blake on the same day at the same time, Tori has to bend her schedule a little bit but Marah and Kapri have a plan at Film Festival, in which Tori is suppose to go with Blake to. Blake and Hunter are then sucked into their popcorn holder while Lothor's newest monster, General Trayf.
RATING: 2.8/10.0

Cam really wants to fight as a ranger with everyone else, but he keeps remembering his father's promise to his mother, who has passed away a while back. But Lothor has plans to take over the world by having his newest monster, Madtropolis, capturing the Wind and Thunder Ranger's powers into a canister. Then, Cam has to use to Scroll of Time to go back in time to get an unknown power source. When Cam does this, time freezes.
RATING: 8.1/10.0

While Cam's back in time, he finds the Ninja School there. While in the Ninja School, he finds his father, who happens to be a Wind Ninja. But, to Cam's surprise, he finds out that his father has a twin brother, who is an Earth Ninja. Then, a new warrior comes in and fights his father, then the warrior reveals herself. That's right, herself. It turns out to be Cam's mother! Back in the normal time, Lothor orders Marah and Kapri to pick 5 talented monsters to fight the Wind and Thunder Rangers. Cam then finds out that his mother's necklace can turn into a morpher and uses the power of the Green Samurai. He then fights his father's twin brother, who turns to frame him for stealing the necklace in the first place. When he's defeated by Cam, he says that he will come back and will be named Lothor!! Cam then goes back to the normal time and comes with his new Samurai Star Megazord and he destroys Madtropolis! He then goes down and reveals himself to the Wind and Thunder Rangers.
RATING: 8.6/10.0

Lothor attacks all 6 rangers, but all 6 of them get out in time before they are hurt too badly. Lothor then sends 5 monsters down at once, so each Wind and Thunder Rangers then fight a monster each. Cam stays to monitor everything. Then, Lothor's ultimate monster, Sucker, attacks. He then attacks Cam and makes Cam start to turn into a bug!!
RATING: 8.9/10.0

Cam surprises the others with new, hip clothes. He then rides on a skateboard, and looks like a master at it. Then he surfs, acting like a master at that too. He then rides motocross, being a master at that too! Then, Lothor's newest monster, Fragra, starts to attack people and turns them into perfumes. She then attacks them, but Cam doesn't fight, so Fragra turn Dustin and Tori into perfumes. They then find out that the Cam that is with them is actually Cyber Cam, a creation that Cam made.
RATING: 8.7/10.0

Lothor gets the idea of making his own TV show to make people fall in love with him so he gets the monster, Mr. Ratwell, who is also a director to direct his show. But, Marah and Kapri have fun by putting something in Blake's drink the make him fall in love with the first thing he sees. Cam then tastes and they fight over Tori. Tori is then captured by Lothor when she follows Zurgane into the studio.
RATING: 8.7/10.0

Hunter volunteers as a big brother for a kid who lost his father. And this kid has a new "game" that is actually Lothor's PAM (Personal Alien Manager) which the kid plays around with and keeps making kelzaks and a new monster, DJ Drummond, appearing and reappearing. Marah and Kapri then try to get the PAM back and they finally do succeed.
RATING: 9.1/10.0

A stranger comes by and takes Dustin's bike for an experiment part. He doesn't come back for a while. Then, Marah is voted out of the group when she brings her friend, Beevil, to the group. She then goes down to Earth and is saved by Dustin when she's about to be ran over. She then reveals herself to Dustin, and he is shocked. She then dreams of becoming the Purple Wind Ranger! But, Beevil attacks and then Marah gives Dustin a weapon on how to destroy her. Dustin persuades everyone to trust her so they do and then they find out that she was lying and she turns on them. Cyber Cam then breaks out the Golden Ninja Swords while they fight the new kelzaks that Beevil made, kelzak fury, which are just red kelzaks.
RATING: 9.7/10.0

Cam gets feeling lonely when Dustin introduces his dad to him. Cam then tries to turn Sensei back to normal. But, something goes wrong and Shane and Sensei switch bodies!! Shane has a skate demo that afternoon, so Sensei, in Shane's body, goes there. But they are attacked by the new monster named Footzilla! After the battle, Cam gets everything ready and they begin to bring Sensei back to human form, but Dustin interrupts the transporting and Sensei goes into Dustin's body and Dustin goes into Sensei's body! Shane is now back to normal, though. Marah and Kapri notice that Footzilla does not have a special power like all the other monsters in Lothor's army, they give the power of gravity control. He then uses it by putting stickers on people and he can make them so light that they fly up in the air and make them so heavy that they sink into the ground. After destroying Footzilla, Sensei, still in Dustin's body, tells Cam that he is always there for him, even if he is a rodent. He and Dustin then turn back to normal.
RATING: 8.7/10.0

While Dustin is closing up Storm Chargers when some thugs from a store that's trying to buy Storm Chargers break in. Dustin morphs and saves the shop and becomes popular. Dustin starts to get caught up with all the fame that he begins to forget the important things in being team. All though this a new monster named Slob Goblin, who can turn people into stamps. Also, Blake and Hunter go to their adoptive grandmother's house.
RATING: 7.3/10.0 

Blake and Hunter hire a new assisstant for their motocross when one of his experiments go really bad and turn him into the new monster, Motodrone! He then ends up capturing Hunter and putting some of Hunter's ranger powers into a bike. Cam then saves Hunter and Hunter takes the bike from before, which he calls his Ninja Glider Cycle, and he rescues Blake just in the nick of time before he is destroyed. They then free their assisstant, Perry, from his Motodrone armor. But, Zurange goes and gets the armor, and when Lothor and his evil gang thinks that they're experiment doesn't work, Motodrone comes back to life.
RATING: 9.9/10.0

Shane starts to keep having this reaccuring dream of him when he was little freeing a ball of white light from a spider's web. He thinks it means something, so goes to the forest to check it out, ditching Tori at her Beach Party for her birthday. While Shane is in the forest, he is attacked by a new baddy in town named Vexacus. Vexacus is so strong that with one punch, Shane demorphes! Meanwhile Marah and Kapri are holding their High School reunion on the ship but Lothor says no so they must move to the beach, where Hunter, Tori, Dustin, and Blake battle them.
RATING: 9.8/10.0

Shane is saved by a being of white light named Skyla, who is a beautfil woman. Shane then finds out that he actually saved Skyla a long time ago when he was little, like in his dream. She is about to "die" and enters Shane's Wind Morpher, making it able to turn into the Lightning Morpher which he can use to destroy Vexacus. When in a heated battle with Vexacus, Shane activates the morpher and he gets the best armor ever! Shane then uses it to chase Vexacus in his spaceship. Shane then shoots down the spaceship, making the spacecraft explode. Meanwhile, Marah and Kapri move to back to Lothor's spaceship, where they turn out to not have too many party supplies, so they send down Choobo and some kelzaks to steal Tori's party's supplies, where the five battle them. In the end, Shane still feels bad about leaving Tori on her birthday but the worst part is, we see Vexacus with Lothor, making a deal. He is Zurgane's replacement, as Lothor says.
RATING: 10.0/10.0

Sensei sends Cam to a museum to get a box that they have for him. Cam goes to get it, where he is attacked by Marah, Kapri, and Motodrone, who is now been revived by Choobo and Zurgane. Cam gets out of there, but Motodrone fires a blast and hits a statue, making it come to life. This statue is a statue of an evil warrior from 2,000 years ago. His "animals" are called the Wolfblades, and they begin to attack Blue Bay Harbor!! While all of this happens, Cam goes flying around in the Samurai Star Megazord, telling everyone where the enemies are. After a battle between Tori, Dustin, and Blake and the Wolfblades, Hunter and Motodrone, who destroys Hunter's new bike, and Shane and Motodrone. After getting rid of the Wolfblades, while in Ninja Ops, happy about their accomplishments in the battles, the Wolfblades are revived and turned into one giant monster!
RATING: 9.1/10.0

With this being an emergency, Cam opens the case that he was sent to get in part 1. Inside is a scroll, telling Cam what to do. Cam must get everyone's Power Discs and go somewhere. Everyone does so and they end up having to use their zords without their powers. Cam then travels to a secret location and inserts all of the Power Discs and then he gets a new weapon called the Lightning Riff Blaster. He inserts his Samurai Saber and then arrives in the city with it and he calls on the mighty Mammothzord! They all then use this to destroy the wolfblades.
RATING: 9.6/10.0

After a battle with their vitual clones, Tori is the winner of the test that Sensei had planned for them. Sensei then sends Tori out to find the Jade Turtle, which can harness amazing power. Sensei then sends Shane and Dustin to an Enviormental Conference, when the new monster, Snipster attacks. Snipster can slash his two hands in between two battle and "cut" the rope that binds their friendship. He does this to Shane and Dustin and they begin to battle each other. Meanwhile, Tori finds the Jade Turtle, but has to battle Marah and Kapri. After a while, Tori gets rid of the two and goes into battle against Snipster. Sensei uses his telepatic abilities and makes Shane and Dustin stop fighting each other. After destroying Snipster and he becomes giant, inside of the Jade Turtle is a scroll in which Tori breaks the Jade Turtle in half. For finding the scroll, Cam sends Tori a "new" Power Sphere called the Turtle Mace. They use this to destroy Snipster.
RATING: 9.8/10.0

After trying to show off at two jerks at the beach, Tori has a major wipeout and is teleported to another deminsion! In the deminsion, the Power Rangers are evil and Lothor and his gang are good! Lothor is the mayor, Marah and Kapri are hippies and old monsters are all innocent civilians! In the end, Lothor and his gang win, and Tori gets advice from Marah and Kapri. Tori then does a wipeout again and she is transported back to Blue Bay Harbor!
RATING: 9.9/10.0