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Ninja Center


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Achieved News/Updates

Shimazu Returns and other monsters too! (8.31.03)
I've updated the Episode Summaries and Lothor and Gang pages. Enjoy
FORE!! (8.24.03)
I've updated the Ninja Storm News page with some exciting news and also I updated the episode guide above. Enjoy!
Dustin Strives On! (8.18.03)
I've updated the Picture of the Week with a great picture of a battle!! Enjoy!
Did I Like It or Not? (8.16.03)
I've updated the site with a new page called the Ninja Storm Episode Reviews page with all my opinions on all of the episodes. I'm just getting started on it, so not many episode opinions are on there yet.
Statues, Wolves, Battles: Oh My! (8.16.03)
I've updated the Monsters and Episode Summaries pages with the information for Shimazu's Return Part 1.
Zurgane's Destruction! (8.16.03)
I've updated the Monsters with both of Zurgane's zords in there.
Dustin and Tori Updates! (8.15.03)
I updated the Tori and Dustin pages with the latest facts about them from the latest episodes.
Vexacus Strikes! (8.15.03)
I updated the Episode Summaries page and the Monsters page with the monster and episode summaries for Shane's Karma Parts 1 and 2. Enjoy!
Shimazu Attacks! (8.13.03)
I updated the episode guide with the new episodes titles.
New Picture (8.12.03)
I added a new picture to the "Picture of the Week" gallery from the new episode: Shane's Karma Part 1. Hope you like it!
Picture News (8.7.03)
I'm now adding a "Picture of the Week" gallery are the side of here. It's so that I don't have to put all of the pictures in their profiles. Every Monday, a new picture will be uploaded. From now until Monday, this is the picture. Then, we hit it off with other pics! Enjoy!
Super Stamp! GO! (8.7.03)
I've updated the Megazords page with the new Power Sphere, the Super Stamp! Go and check it out now!
"Tongue" and "Brothers" (8.6.03)
I've updated the Episode Summaries page with the summaries for Tongue and Cheek and Brothers in Arms. Also, I've updated Monsters page with the monsters from those two episdoes. See, now that I'm starting to get into the swing of things with summer ending and stuff. Well, check out the stuff soon! :-D
Shimazu?? (8.3.03)
I've updated the homepage with the new episode title that has been released to the public. Shimazu? Who is Shimazu? It is now a Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger's enemy name, so I'm guessing that it's a new baddy.
New Pics!! (8.2.03)
I've updated the picture galleries for Shane, Tori, and Dustin. More are on the way!!
I've updated the homepage with no old updates. Cleaning out for this month!
NEW EPISODES BACK-TO-BACK!!!!!!! (7.28.03)
I've updated the Ninja Storm News page with very exciting news!! Check it out!!
I've updated the Monsters page with the new monster from the latest episode of Ninja Storm. I've also updated the Episode Summaries page with the episode summary of the new episode of Ninja Storm. Enjoy!
NEW EPISODES!! (7.24.03)
I've updated the homepage with new episodes in the episode guide.
No Updates for a while.....:-( (7.18.03)
I'm going away on vaction which is why the site will not be updated for about a week or so. I'm sorry for any inconvience, but I need a break from this and real life, so this is my opportunity to do so, and I'll really update once I get back from vaction.
Power Spheres! GO! (7.11.03)
I've updated the Megazords page.
New Pictures!! (7.7.03)
I've added pictures to the home page. You guys like it?
Snip It, Snip It Summary! (7.7.03)
I've added a Episode Summaries for Snip It, Snip It Good from what I have gathered from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger's episode of this. I also just made up the monster name because it does sound like a monster name from PRNS, doesn't it? :-D Enjoy!
MONSTERS! GO! (7.7.03)
I've added a Monsters page. Check it out every week to see the new monsters!!
I've updates the Episode Summaries page with more episode summaries!! Check 'em out! Next up are more video clips!!
EPISODES!!! (7.6.03)
I've been feeling bad because I haven't been putting up episode summaries. So, I've updated Episode Summaries!! A lot more episode summaries coming soon.  
From Sensei to Beevil (7.6.03)
They showed All About Beevil yesterday and not Sensei Switeroo, which I thought was going to be shown. I've also updated Ninja Storm News.
Snip It, Snip It Good not aired.....>:-( (6.29.03)
Snip It, Snip It Good was rumored to have aired yesterday but instead, they showed Good Will Hunter. I'm starting to wonder if they will ever air Snip It, Snip It Good!! There's no telling when it will air, so that's why my episode guide keeps changing because of the rumored stuff. LOL
Beevil? (6.23.03)
I've updated the episode guide with new episode titles!
Snip It, Snip It Finally!! (6.22.03)
According to my sources, Snip It, Snip It Good will air after I Love Lothor!! I've updated the episode guide and Ninja Storm News.
Good Will Hunter? (6.19.03)
I've updated the episode guide.
Updates! Updates! UPDATES!! YAY!! (6.17.03)
I've updated Ninja Storm News page and the Arsenal Page with better pictures of the Wind Morphers, actual pictures of the Thunder Morphers, and I have put in the Cyclone Morpher. Up next is a Monster Page! :-D I'm just getting started!!
Episode Guide! Episodes GO! (6.8.03)
I've updated the episode guide with two episodes that I found out about this morning. I wonder when the heck they are going to show "Snip It, Snip It Good." Should be soon! I thought before the "A Samurai's Journey" saga, but nope. Hmmmm..........
Buh-Bye Updates!! (6.3.03)
The old updates are now in the Achieved News/Updates page! I will be doing this every month to make room on the homepage for other stuff. What stuff you say? Well, you'll just have to wait and see! Mwhahahahaha.......:-)
See ya Updates and Ninja Storm News!! (6.1.03)
Hey! I've upated Ninja Storm News. And, tomorrow, I will put all of these updates into my new page on the site, which will open tomorrow called "Achieved News/Updates," so say bye bye to these updates!! :-D
I Love Pictures!! (5.28.03)
I've updated everyone's gallery! Yes, you read right, I said everyone! You can go to their pages and see everyone's new pictures! You should see Tori! It's like Torimania in the gallery! :-D I've also updated the homepage with an official pic of Hunter and Blake from one of the episodes in the "Return of the Thunder" saga. Oh, and if you don't know, and do not want to know who the Green Samurai Ranger is to be, do not go to Cam's page because in the pictures, it will show who it is. I also have EXCLUSIVE screen caps from "A Samurai's Journey" Parts 2 and 3! If you don't know, those episodes haven't even aired yet!! Enjoy!
Pictures Galore!! (5.27.03)
Hey! I've updated everyone's, excluding Cam, picture gallery! I'm going to go picture hunting now. Expect TONS of pictures in the next update!! I'm off!
Warrior in Navy! (5.26.03)
I've updated the site with pictures of Blake! Can anyone help me? I've been searching the net and can't seem to find pictures of Blake! If anyone knows a good site for Blake, please e-mail me ASAP and please, give url!
Episode Guide! (5.25.03)
I've updated the episode guide to fit what I'm guessing what it will be like.
Pictures Galore! (5.9.03)
I've updated the site with pictures of Shane and Tori! More pictures to come in like the next day or so, so stay tuned!
More Updates! (5.8.03)
I've updated the Ninja Storm News page and the episode guide. In the Ninja Storm News page, you will find spoilers for 'A Samurai's Journey Parts 1-3'. I've also updated the Megazords page! Also, the main page has been updated! More updates to come!
Episodes are Rolling on in! (5.2.03)
I've just updated the episode guide. Now, I can't guarantee that this is what they will be called but, this is all I've got to go by for now. I've also updated the Ninja Storm News section.
Gallery Updates! (5.1.03)
Odd, none of pics on the site are loading for me. Hmmm..... well, if you can see them, I've added at least 1 picture to everyone's gallery!
Updates! (4.26.03)
Just added Cam as his own page and updated Allies.
Green Samurai and Armor!!! (4.26.03)
You read right! In the Ninja Storm News section, you can see who the Green Samurai Ranger is and what the Red Wind Ranger's battle armor is going to look like. This is a Japanese picture, so you know.
GIFs and a new page! (4.20.03)
Added two GIFs to your right and also a new page called Ninja Storm News! More coming soon!
Titles Added! (4.20.03)
I'm now adding titles at the top of the updates! Sorry about not updating but, I've been working hard on my fanfic on a message board. I'll be starting a website for that too and I'll have it in my Links page. But, I have a plan for today and it's to put up a GIF on the homepage. So, look out for it!
Updated the episode guide, again. Added the Fan Mail page, and added Episodes Summaries for episodes 2, 3, and 4! More coming soon!
Updated the Episode Guide. I know, I haven't been updating lately but that's only because I've been dealing with some personal problems in the real world. There may not be that many updates for a while for like a week or two. Thanks for your understanding.
Updated the episode guide because, for some reason, they changed it from Flower Power to Nowhere to Grow. I, personally, think that Nowhere to Grow is better and much more clever. Flower Power kinda MMPR, in my opinion. Well, more to come!
Changed picture at the side. Sorry about not updating lately, been busy. Will put up Fan Mail soon. More coming soon!
I've gotten up the Megazords, the Arsenal, and one sound bit. I also added some new stuff to our soon to come list. Enjoy!
Didn't notice yesterday, but our coming soon list getting down to the wire. (YAY!) Sound bits will be up today or tomorrow and lots more video clips to come! And then the arsenal and all.  
Just added Lothor and his Gang. I also have Lothor's, Marah and Kapri's actor/actress's bioes. I hope you like it! Not that much left to do!
Just added the Multi Media page and the Episode Summaries page. I'm almost done with the Soon to Come list. I will then take any requests! But there's something that astonishes me, I can actually put video clips for download here! You know, since it's Tripod, I didn't think I could, but it works! More stuff coming soon! And the sound bits maybe be up later today. But don't count on it.
Added Hunter and Blake with Bioes and the Allies Page, which consists of Cam, Kelly, and Sensei. More updates coming soon! Tomorrow I will have up: Some sound bits, maybe video clips, or that will be up Saturday, Arsenal, and Lothor and gang! So, stay tuned for more updates becuase they just keep rolling on in!
Added Biographies for Pua Magavisa (Shane), Glenn McMillian (Dustin), and Sally Martian (Tori). A lot more updates are coming soon! And note this that all of the things on the coming soon list will be up by Saturday the 15th. So, come back soon, because chances are that some new things will be up! Later days!
My grand opening of my new site! Ninja Center! I want to know what you think of it so far! So, please e-mail me anything! Lots of updates to come!