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Lothor and Gang




This is the all mighty and powerful Lothor. He wants to destroy Earth for being banished into space for his hunger for power. He and Sensei were once twin brothers, but since he was banished to space, the one Sensei knew as his brother, is only a mere memory now, making Cam mad that Sensei never told him about Lothor being his brother. Even having Cam as his own nephew, he still wants to destroy him.


This is, to be point of view, Lothor's right hand man. He sends him out to do battle with the Wind Rangers anytime. We also learned from episode 5 that he gets jealous very easily. He went out of his own because he wanted to get rid of the Wind Rangers for good. He just wanted to get it over and kill them. He is killed episode #30- The Golf War by Vexacus.


This is Choobo. He seems to be the out cast of the whole Lothor gang. He is really stupid sometimes and seems to be in line after Zurgane. For some reason, I believe we will see a rivilary between him and Zurgane later on in the series, for control of being Lothor's right hand man. In the Return of Thunder Saga, Choobo was punished for his failure and he was turned small, but in Good Will Hunter, he is turned back to normal!


These two are like Dumb and Dumber. Marah is the one with brown hair and Kapri is the one with pink. They're both airheads and they seem to annoy their Uncle Lothor a lot. They also like to tease Choobo because he's so whimpy. Kapri is always trying to be smart (or is) and Marah seems to be really stupid. But Kapri had to go to 1st grade 4 times. Hmmmm........but Marah seems to have fallen in love with Dustin in All About Beevil, because she seemed to be sad about hurting Dustin in the first place. Marah also had a wild dream about becoming a Power Ranger in All About Beevil. She was a pinkish-purplish ranger suit, which was just a discolored Blue Wind Ranger suit.


Motodrone was actually another human named Perry that was Blake and Hunter's mechanic. He was doing all of these experiment when he was turned into Motodrone. He then battled them and they ended up getting Perry out of the armor, but later on, Zurgane came and took the armor and brough the foe back to life.


Vexacus was actually a bounty hunter that has been after someone else named Skyla. Not knowing it, Shane had released Skyla a long time ago, and now Vexacus has found out so now he is here to get back at Shane for releasing his foe, who now lives on in Shane, so basically, now that Skyla is in Shane's Wind Morpher, he has to destroy Shane and his powers to get rid of Skyla.


Once a statue in a museum, Shimazu is a very evil monster. He seems to be very clever and probably won't let anyone stand in his way. He seems to be very intelligent with the monsters and things, so I think he could go far in the battle against the Wind, Thunder, and Samurai Rangers.


New Zealand born Grant McFarland has been acting in film, television and theatre for 30 years. His first starring role came in the groundbreaking New Zealand television series "Pukemanu" in 1973. Since then, his career has been highlighted by roles in the Kevin Costner-produced film "Rapa Nui", directed by Kevin Reynolds, as well as the New Zealand feature films "Savage Island", "Jack Be Nimble" and "The Footstep Man".


McFarland's domestic television credits include guest starring roles in "Xena: Warrior Princess", "Hercules", "The Legendary Journeys" and "Mysterious Island". He was also in the New Zealand series "Street Legal", "Plainclothes", "A Going Concern" and "Under Fire Mountain".


McFarland was in the original company of Auckland's renowned Mercury Theatre for 10 years and continues to perform in Mercury productions.



As a child, Katrina Devine wanted to be a Power Ranger. Nowadays she's just fine with playing the Power Rangers' evil nemesis, "Marah". Her role as a wild villain on the show is a stark contrast to her portrayal of "Minnie Crozier" on the television show "Shortland Street". Devine's performance on the popular New Zealand series spanned seven years and earned her a best supporting actress award at the New Zealand Television Awards in 1998.


Devine's most recent role was in the television series "Street Legal". She also guest starred in "Xena: Warrior Princess" and was in several American productions including the telefilm "Atomic Twister" and the short film "Death of a Theatre Manager".


Though she lives in New Zealand, Devine was born in Ireland. Her roots have influenced Devine's additional passions, which include Irish songs and Irish dancing. The latter has garnered the actress numerous awards, having competed in the activity since she was five years old.



Katrina Browne is well known in New Zealand for playing villains. Her work on such television series "Street Legal' and "Shortland Street" prepared her well to play the sassy rogue "Kapri" in "Power Rangers Ninja Storm".


Browne won the best actress award at the Drifting Cloude Short Film Festival for her performance in "Filmworthy". She also recently starred with Jack Wagner and Joanna Pakula in the television movie "Cupid's Prey". Among her domestic television credits, Browne includes the telefilm "Hearts of Men", the series "Xena: Warrior Princess", "Hercules", "The Legendary Journey" and a recurring role as "Queen Cyane" in the series "Young Hercules". Internationally, Browne has been seen in "The Legend of William Tell", "Ivanhoe the Dark Knight" and "The Tribe" for UK television.


In addition to acting, Browne sings, plays piano and violin and ballet dances. A talented athlete, she is a champion New Zealand lifeguard and plays netball, volleyball and touch rugby. She also does rhythmic gymnastics. Brown works as a volunteer with autistic and Aspergers syndrome children.