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Ninja Center


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This is Kelly. She's Dustin's boss at Storm Chargers, the place where Dustin works. As smart as she is, she still has no idea that Dustin, Shane, and Tori are the Wind Rangers and that Hunter and Blake are the Thunder Rangers. (Not to say that she's stupid.) (Her last name is revealed in Return of Thunder Pt. 1)



This is the Sensei. He is now a guinea pig because he had a duel with Lothor and when their energies colladed, it made him into what you see before you. He trained the Wind Rangers before they became the Wind Rangers and is now still training them, mentally now instead of physically. And no, that doesn't mean he's physic, he just says stuff that sticks in the brain or helps them by playing mind tricks. Lothor is his twin brother. His real name is Kiyah.